Mike & Mike

September 1, 2019Mill Valley, CA


Sunday, September 1, 2019
3:00 PM
Attire: Mashup
Wedding Party

Don Jirak - Groomsman

Don is: a transplanted New Yorker, cigar aficionado, retired NYPD detective and the friend attending the wedding that I've known the longest (almost 30 years!)

Scott Wessels - Groomsman

Scott is: the friend who has seen it all! We became friends while we were both living in Washington, D.C.

John Stiles - Groomsman

John is: the friend that feels like I've known forever. We met in Minneapolis.

Jill Coulter - Groomswoman

Jill is a dear classmate from grad school who propped me up for much of my time in DC. She was once the Posh Spice to my David Beckham.

John Kim - Groomsman

John is a friend going back to my high school and college days, who has let me sleep on his couch far too many times to count.

Marc Prosi - Groomsman

Marc is my brother (not biological, but close enough).

Jonny Kiyoi - Groomsman

Jonny is a good friend I got to know in my early 20s who turned me on most of my cultural obsessions over the years.